Minx Graphics is a graphic design company based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Created to help your business reach the widest possible audience through a design solution that is both unique and customised to suit you and your business. With Minx Graphics you can expect a down-to-earth design service that prides itself on the finer details. A combined seven years of study in both fine art and graphic design enables me to offer you a wide range of services including logo design, brochures, flyers, posters, promotional material, website design and professional photograph retouching and restoration. I started out with humble beginnings. Growing up on Sydney’s beautiful northern beaches, I was inspired by nature in all it’s forms and creativity was important to me from a very young age. I would spend hours outside, making sculptures out of twigs or painting with mud and would come back filthy from head to toe. This earned me the nickname of ‘Minx’ from my parents. They saw this “creativity” as cheeky and they were continuously cleaning up after me, but they always encouraged a creative upbringing. Because of this, I am one of those lucky people that always knew which career path they would take.